Why Is Being A Woman So F*cking Expensive?

Aleen and Sami are back from the bachelorette party in Mexico and breaking down all the highlights from their trip. Aleen shares her vacation Non-Scale Win and admits which alcohol-related resolution she failed to keep. At 19:30 a listener writes in to ask how to fit alcohol into her diet and wellness routine. At 33:40 another listener asks if her wellness-related spending is out of control. This leads to a conversation about how much more expensive it is to be a woman and what we can do to get our finances in check. At 52:45 they play a Drexico-themed game inspired by a story from this week’s Betch Slapped. They close out the show with an audience Non-Scale Win, the Workout Song of the Week, and a preview of their weekend plans.

Source by Diet Starts Tomorrow

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