Why Is Adulting So Challenging? Ft. Professor Scott Barry Kaufman

Aleen and Sami are back and chatting about maintaining resolution momentum after the new year begins. At 8:15 they discuss the recent viral Buzzfeed article on burnout, adulting, and the challenge of doing simple tasks. Is there anything worse than setting out to do something and then you can’t remember your password? At 26:00 a listener writes in to ask about trying to start the keto diet with her boyfriend when he refuses to actually change his eating habits. At 33:00 they start a new segment called “Non-Scale Win of the Week” followed by a Would You Rather? At 47:45 they are joined by Professor Scott Barry Kaufman of Barnard College who is an expert in the science of well-being, creativity, and self-actualization.

Source by Diet Starts Tomorrow

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