Why Can’t I Take Compliments About My Weight Loss?

Sami and Aleen kick off the show with their Memorial Day weekend plans and admit how little they know about taking care of a baby. Is the itch to have a baby pure instinct, or just the result of watching people around you raise their kids? At 11:10 they talk about Ariel Winter’s drastic weight loss and discuss her public comments about her own transformation. Should people follow her lead and be more open about their use of antidepressants? At 26:25 a listener writes in to share her struggle with accepting compliments about her weight loss. Are we just afraid to admit our successes in the fear that we’ll return to our old ways? At 41:00 they play a Memorial Day-themed Would You Rather game. They close the show with an audience Non Scale Win, their own NSWs, and the Workout Song of the Week.

Source by Diet Starts Tomorrow

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