What The F*ck Is An Accountability Plan? Ft. Tracy Lockwood Beckerman

Aleen and Sami are joined yet again by DST’s resident dietician and fan favorite, Tracy Lockwood Beckerman. They answer a collection of listener questions, starting with one about Teddi Mellencamp’s “accountability plan” service. Is this just another word for diet? At 23:40 Tracy debunks the biggest myths behind collagen supplements and explains why you shouldn’t bother taking collagen for your skin. They talk about the booming anti-aging industry and share some of their own skincare habits. At 38:50 Tracy quizzes them on foods that help keep teeth healthy and white, including a few surprising suggestions. At 47:00 they play a game called “Raw or Cooked” all about the healthiest way to prepare each vegetable. They finish the show with a list of signs that you may not be getting enough calories.

Source by Diet Starts Tomorrow

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