The One Where We Finally Talk to a Therapist Ft. Psychotherapist Lindsay Liben

Sami and Aleen are joined by therapist Lindsay Liben. They talk about the underlying factors in poor dieting and health, self-image and more. How can one use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to positively impact their behavior? Lindsay provides the three Cs: catch, check, and change. Discovering one’s preconceived ideas and how one thinks about themselves is key. At 14:50, they take a letter from a listener asking about “being good,” where our entire character is judged by our eating behavior. Lindsay explains what this comes from: a cognitive bias of black and white thinking. At 22:07, they take another letter from a listener asking about eating disorders and the importance of having a therapist on the show to discuss the difference between eating disorders and disordered eating behaviors. Are recurring thoughts of food all of the time an eating disorder? At 29:15, they take a letter from a listener who feels bad about her body. She also finds herself lashing out at others and seemingly stuck being single. Sami discusses her toxic relationship with her couch. They discuss exiting negative feedback loops. At 44:24, a listener writes in about how difficult it is to behave with “mind over munchies.” Does the struggle ever end?

Source by Diet Starts Tomorrow

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