Mom, Please Stop Asking Me About My Weight Ft. Lauren Steinberg, Founder of Queen V

Sami and Aleen aren’t sure if they should begin the pod because gluten-free pizza is on its way. They talk about society’s tendency to value men more for what they say, do, and think, but women for how they look. There’s no better way to summarize it than the “dad bod” sensation. At 16:48 they take a letter from a listener whose boyfriend is a similar height to her and wants to be significantly smaller than him. At 28:18, they take an email from a listener writing about how our relationship with our mothers can shape our relationship with food. How can we get over it? At 44:14, a college-aged listener asks how to shake off her mother’s difficult comments. At 58:06, they are joined by Lauren Steinberg, founder of Queen V, a brand that makes vagina-friendly products. She talks about maintaining, healing, and restoring your “v”.

Source by Diet Starts Tomorrow

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