Instagram Knows When You’re Hovering Ft. Dr. Emily Weinstein

Aleen and Sami are back and they’re joined by Harvard University research fellow, Dr. Emily Weinstein. Dr. Weinstein specializes in the research of social media’s effects on mental health. At 3:30 they talk about the difference between active and passive social media use citing that passive use can make you feel extremely disconnected. At 10:00 they explain the struggles of capturing data analysis because social media is changing so rapidly for each generation so interpretation of social media has become a variable as opposed to a constant. Sami and Aleen are shook at the drastic change in social media platforms since they were 18 years old. At 18:30 they talk about the fact that because of social media, children’s social maturity is coming of age earlier than ever. At 38:00 Dr. Weinstein explains that she’s actually more worried about the effect of video games on the psyche of young men than the effect of social media on young women. At 44:00 they talk about what the social media landscape might look like for the next generation.

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