How Do I Not Eat 13,000 Calories On Thanksgiving Ft. Max Lugavere

Sami and Aleen are back and they’re joined by DST fan favorite, Max Lugavere. At 6:00 Max explains his philosophy on the importance of maxing out your protein intake. At 14:45 they talk about Thanksgiving plans and how to feel relaxed about eating a big meal on the day. At 22:00 Max explains the best ways to control your eating on Thanksgiving. At 28:15 they talk about their Thanksgiving foods. At 35:15 Aleen proposes a new strategy for holiday portion control. At 47:00 they talk about the idea of rewarding their bodies with a Black Friday workout to feel better after a Thanksgiving feast. At 55:50 they discuss the practice of advertising unhealthy food to American public.   Thanks to our sponsors   Living Proof   Tomboy X   Teami Blends

Source by Diet Starts Tomorrow

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