F*ck The Food Police Ft. Iris Netzer-Greenfield

Sami and Aleen are back and they’re fed up with beating themselves up over their diet missteps. They dig into the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating to take a healthier mental approach to food and break down the fact that no one is a “failure” for succumbing to temptation. At 11:50, Sami explains that people need to listen to and adjust to what their body needs. Eating carbs when your body craves them is not a betrayal of your diet. At 15:50, Aleen proclaims her victory over calorie counting by deleting the apps and removing her scale to improve her perspective. At 24:00 they break down their biggest diet weakness, associating food with great memories, as Aleen reminisces about eating delicious tortellini with her father. At 31:30 they explain how important it is to “challenge the food police”, which are the voices in your head attempting to keep you on a diet and then sabotage it. At 1:12:40, Iris Netzer-Greenfield joins them to discuss acupuncture remedies and dispel some of the fallacies surrounding the ancient Eastern treatment.

Source by Diet Starts Tomorrow

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