Episode 17: Diet Fear – When Your Body Feels Like an Alien

This is for anyone who’s in a place in their life where you feel like your body is an unpredictable enemy, or maybe you’re terrified of it or you’re stuck in a vicious loop of dieting. Maybe your body is acting weird and you cannot tell what’s going on with it at all.

My friend Leila is a guest host today because she and I both went to the same amazing MD/nutritionist and the basic education we got was so blow-my-mind amazing, we had to share it with you.

It’s amazing how many misconceptions we had about food and the way your body relates to it. In short – this episode is about Nutrition and Metabolism 101 – cause of a lot of us don’t know about that stuff! I didn’t.

The goal of the episode is to help you build holistic health. It’s about why it’s most important to come from health if you want to look great and you want your body to look great. If you want that – build it right. Otherwise you’re screwing the future-you out of a whole lot of happiness and also likely putting a whole lot of stress on your metabolism.

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Link to the blog post is now here:
Diet Fear http://www.teaspoonofhappy.com/blog/2014/9/28/diet-fear

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