Ep. 3 – Animation Domination / Live-Action Remakes / Cars 3 & Ricky Loses It

It only took us 3 episodes for Ricky to completely lose his mind. The boys contemplate if they’re too old for cartoons, the future of animation in a live-action remake world, give their Top 10’s, and argue about Cars 3, of all movies.

(00:40) Have we gotten too old for these cartoons?

(02:01) The Popcorn Diet presents a brief history of animated films!

(19:15) Rise of the Live-Action Remakes!

(33:27) Our Top 10 Favorite Animated Films

(1:00:00) Listeners Fantasy-Cast Universal’s Dark Universe

(1:03:52) Non-spoiler Thoughts on Cars 3

(1:12:40)Totally spoiler-y discussion on Cars 3 / Ricky goes full atomic

Source by The Popcorn Diet

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