Does Anyone *Actually* Like Quinoa? Ft. Max Lugavere

Sami and Aleen are back and feeling great! Sami just returned from a brief vacation where she put her intuitive eating to the test. At 1:45 she reports that intuitive eating while on vacation helped her sit at a dinner table and worry less about food, and pay more attention to the people whose company she was sharing. At 11:10 Aleen gives her “Plant Paradox” update which she is sort of following, but is all positive. After not eating grains like the diet suggests, she feels like she’s in control. At 18:30 they dissect their food triggers. Aleen explains that she feels that she needs to be stimulated at all times and has trouble sitting alone with herself. At 20:25 they are joined by Max Lugavere, author of “Genius Foods”, who explains the origins of his crusade to help young people eat more brain healthy food and protect themselves from Alzheimer’s disease. At 38:30 Max breaks down what foods they should be avoiding to clear up brain fog and that he believes promote a healthy brain.

Source by Diet Starts Tomorrow

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